The Trend Towards Wearable Art

Art always pushes boundaries and forces re-interpretation and there’s no reason why the vehicles that showcase fine art shouldn’t change as well. Art has been featured on museum walls, in galleries and studios, on greeting cards and billboards and many other traditional and contemporary settings. Another area that has recently opened itself up to vivid and sophisticated interpretations of fine art is fashion apparel. Famous works of art have long been featured on t-shirts but the new look of wearable art offers embroidered reproductions that replace common logos with digitally enhanced thread color designs based on original works of art.One of the problems with traditional logos and designer labels is that it is static and too recognizable as a brand symbol. This lessens the impact of the image since people who see it associate it with marketing. However, when you have digitally recreated embroidered images from original acrylic paintings on high quality cotton polo shirts and casual wear tops the effect is much more moving and memorable. Not every piece of art transitions well to wearable art but the popular theme of equine imagery and horses is one motif that can evolve from the canvas to the garment and still retain the integrity of the original expression.With advances in digital graphic technology original acrylic paintings can be scanned and the images reproduced in fine thread embroidery with colors that include slightly altered tones to pick up on the nuances of shading and color depths. This technique works well with horse art since it allows for the powerful and bold images of horses to be reproduced carefully enough to capture the same life, emotion and aesthetic appeal of the original painting.Technology has always been a reluctant tool of the “pure” artist. Bravely locked in his quest for truth the artist sometimes misses a unique opportunity to showcase his works due to a difficulty in handling expression and marketing. But with wearable art an avenue has opened up for artists to engage wide audiences in a tasteful and understated manner that relays not only the fine art image but also the care taken in how the artists has chosen to display the art. Equine theme apparel is just one example of a burgeoning trend towards more captivating forms of wearable art.

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